For over 35 years, Imaginosis Media Design President Robert Gould has been involved with the development, creation and production of art, design and story for all media and education.

An international award-winning designer and art director, Robert’s passion and expertise is working with creatives, visual artists, writers and brands in all media to strategically create, develop, produce, distribute and manage intellectual properties and brand narratives and education initiatives that maintain the vision, integrity, quality, imagination and philosophy of the client.

For Robert, the identification of the Story at the emotional heart of the property or brand i.e. “the Unifying Narrative” is essential to release its full entertainment, education and market potential and to create products and program that exhibit exceptional quality, singularity, depth, impact and longevity.

In his work in Education, Robert believes:

The Purpose of school is Self-Knowledge.

Story and Narrative lie at the heart of all meaningful learning.

Voice, Agency, Creativity and Storytelling are the flashpoint to inspire and engage a personal journey of learning.

Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, co-Creation and Service to the Community are essential skills and behaviors required for a successful and fulfilling life.

Classrooms and schools must evolve to be learning destinations of convening, creating and sharing and recognize their community and the world as rich learning destinations of adventure, discovery, connections and relationships.

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