In my decades as a working artist, I have enjoyed many achievements as both a creative and a business person in a variety of media. I have seen first hand the opportunities and significant challenges artists face in this increasingly corporate marketplace. Because of their passionate dedication to their work, artists are often not familiar or comfortable with rigors and requirements of the world of commerce and may neglect both opportunities and responsibilities to their own detriment. Imaginosis clients benefit from an advocate they trust who helps them navigate the "real world" and realize maximum creative and financial fulfillment and compensation.

Clients look to Imaginosis as a place of opportunity and safety that will fulfill their vision of their art as commercial products in a variety of media. They communicate their vision and intention with the expressed trust that I understand and sympathize with it and that I will act as both their business representative and creative partner in its realization. I am responsible to them for every aspect of their work, from development through marketing. They also look to Imaginosis to expand their creative boundaries and opportunities, to stretch them beyond their self imposed limitations and comfort zones, to challenge them to constantly reach higher, to continually re-invent themselves as creative artists. This aspect of creative inspiration and development is the most valuable service I provide and is where my time is most productive. And this is the vision that continues to attract to Imaginosis some of the most creative and talented artists working today.

The advent of the digital age has placed the complete cycle of creativity and its application across all media, from conception to full, three dimensional realization, into the hands of the individual. The artist's initial inspiration and final realization are no longer separated by an extended hierarchy of craftsman. Today, one artist sitting at a computer work station, can create a entire world.

Facilitated by the powerful tools of digital technology, Imaginosis recognizes that the artist is the most valuable component and commodity in the entertainment arts. The digital revolution and the expansion of the global marketplace has significantly transformed modern media, manufacture, distribution and marketing, opening up new opportunities for production and sale of the artist's work throughout the world. Imaginosis assists artists in maximizing these opportunities to both expand their creative and business endeavors.

Imaginosis chooses to invest in artist’s creativity, imagination and vision through an innovative relationship that forges a common vision, combines respective assets, executes an internally generated development and production strategy and enrolls and rewards the artist for their continuing contribution to the creative process. By making the artist a creative partner rather than an employee of the company, both parties realize significant gains in creativity, productivity and potential revenue.

By giving the artist the opportunity to shape their own future and participate in their own success, Imaginosis further incentivises them to achieve our mutual creative goals economically and efficiently. Rather than working to realize someone else's dream and never full participating in the bounty of that realization, the Imaginosis relationship is driven by the artist's dream; it's singular goal is to bring that dream alive in a broad spectrum of media while controlling their own creative and financial destiny.

IMAGINOSIS • A Transmedia Arts Company
Sherman Oaks, CA