What kind of artists is Imaginosis looking for?

Most of the artists I work with are "world creators", although I am also interested in artists who have an individual vision that has been or has yet to be realized in a work that comprehensively represents that vision. Usually I work with artists for whom book publishing is the initial launch vehicle for their work. From that platform, we build out to other media and products. A clear and readily recognizable identity is a significant asset, if not a requirement, for this kind of transmedia development. The more singular the artist's vision in imagination, image and philosophy, the more that artist will attract and engage the imagination and loyalty of their audience.

An openness and acceptance to creative collaboration is an essential quality for Imaginosis artists. I make one promise to all of my clients: "It is not possible for you to imagine the outcome". During the course of development, all preconceptions about the property will be challenged and will evolve in ways the artist cannot foresee. During this journey, a significant level of trust and surrender to the process is required to realize the maximum benefit. For that reason, I often say that the Imaginosis development process is not a democracy, but more of a "benevolent dictatorship".

Frankly, I feel technique is not enough to propel an artist to the broader levels of a popular success that can be sustained over many years. There must be a singular passion and vision that burns at the heart of the work that reflects your unique personality and imagination. This essential element can be extremely challenging to hunt and capture but once you do, I believe it will illuminate and transform all aspects of your creative and personal life. I'm interested in artists who are engaged in that wild hunt.

How can I submit my work to Imaginosis?

Because of the comprehensive scope and hands-on nature of the services Imaginosis provides, we only accept a limited number of candidates who strictly fulfill the above criteria. If you feel you do, sending us an e-mail introducing yourself, your work and your personal goals accompanied by the URL of your website or jpegs of your work is preferred.

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