Created by Robert Gould in 1999, Imaginosis is a transmedia arts company that works with visual artists and writers to strategically create, develop, produce, distribute and manage intellectual properties for a variety of media that maintain the integrity, quality, imagination and philosophy of the creator's original vision.

Imaginosis focuses on visual artists who create "World Properties": self-contained universes that reflect the depth of imagination, vision, philosophy, locale, characters and paraphernalia unique to the property as these contain the richest potential for media exploitation, especially in film, television and electronic games.

At the center of the Imaginosis creative process is the concept of the "Core Fantasy": the physical, emotional, philosophical and mythic foundations of the Property that underlie its incarnation in all forms. We believe that the identification and exploitation of these elements is essential to release the full narrative, entertainment and commercial potential of our properties. Thus, Imaginosis entertainment franchises exhibit exceptional quality, singularity, depth and longevity with broad, commercial applications in the marketplace.

To achieve this, Imaginosis forges creative partnerships with accomplished and experienced professionals in the intellectual property, entertainment, manufacturing, licensing and marketing fields. We aggressively seek and prioritize innovative, independent approaches to the development, production and distribution of intellectual properties that maximize the exceptional assets of digital media and the internet.

For over 30 years, Imaginosis President Robert Gould has been involved with the development, creation, and production of art and story for all media. In 1974, Robert received a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art, majoring in Art Education with a minor in Literature and Film. During his time at college, he and three other artists published "New Legends", the first commercially successful underground comic book published in Boston.

After receiving his degree, he continued the work in the comic book field, supplying work to Marvel Comics and numerous other comic publications. Seeking to explore the possibilities of combining picture and word in visual narrative, Robert and writer Eric Kimball formed the company, Two Man Horse. Together they created and published numerous works inspired by their love of Pre-Raphaelite art and philosophy. Two Man Horse was commissioned by StarReach Publications to create an original comic book story based on Michael Moorcock's widely popular Elric of Melnibone book series. "The Prisoner of Pan Tang" won numerous awards and firmly established Robert as the pre-eminent illustrator for Michael Moorcock's tragic hero.

In 1978, Robert began his career as a book cover designer and illustrator by designing the covers for the six book Elric of Melnibone saga, , his sensitive watercolors and dramatic graphic design contrasting sharply with the style of fantasy illustration at the time and proved wildly popular. He continued to re-design Moorcock's entire fantasy publishing line of over 50 books, developing a distinct but interrelated style for each series. His work garnered him many awards, including the World Fantasy Award for Best Artist in 1991 and spawned a new style of fantasy illustration both in the US and Europe.

For over fifteen years, Robert continued his career as a book designer and illustrator for publishers in the US and Europe, completing well over 180 cover designs. He specialized in book series and exercised complete control over all design, illustration and typographic aspects of his projects. Robert created an individual, cohesive identity – a "theme" - for each series and worked closely with the authors and editors to maximize the impact of combining image and word.

At this time, Robert and fellow artists Eric Kimball, Barry Windsor-Smith and Jeffrey Jones formed the New Romantic Brotherhood. They promoted and published works based on an art philosophy they called New Romanticism: a blending of their common devotion to medieval and late nineteenth century Pre-Raphaelite and symbolist Art and philosophy expressed in their distinctly modern sensibilities.

Seeking to further push the boundaries of quality in image reproduction, Robert founded Cygnus in 1981 with partner Marc Halperin to support and publish works by contemporary fantasy artists that were of a fine art nature. Using archival materials and highly precise duotone reproduction methods, Cygnus produced "The Drawing Collection", a series of four boxed reproductions of pencil drawings by Gould, Barry Windsor-Smith, Jeffery Jones and Alan Lee. "The Drawing Collection" and the art prints that followed set a new standard for fantasy art reproduction. For it's innovative work in printing and fantasy publishing, Cygnus received many awards in the printing and fantasy fields and set the recognized standard for quality art reproduction in the fantasy genre.

In the late 1980's, Robert moved from Boston to Los Angeles and began spending more time in Devon, England with fellow artists Alan Lee and Brian Froud. Having always had a strong interest in the visual narrative aspects of film, Robert left the field of book design in 1991 to explore the possibilities of bringing fantasy and mythic fiction to the screen.

Robert served as Vice President of the Los Angeles based film production company, The Lynda Guber Organization (LGO), for six years. During his tenure under a production deal at Sony Pictures Entertainment, he was responsible for all administrative and development functions of the company, including selecting and attaching properties, writers and directors. During his tenure at SONY, film projects included MYTHAGO WOOD, based on the novel by Robert Holdstock, screenplay by Dan Pyne, also FAERIE TALE, based on the international best selling book by Ray Feist with screenplay by David Wieger, BORDERLANDS, a television pilot based on the internationally popular book series created by Terri Windling, screenplay by Ron Shusett. DINOTOPIA, based on the international best selling book by Jim Gurney, with screenplay by Linda Woolverton and Tedi Sarafian. was the signature project of Robert's tenure at Sony. The development of DINOTOPIA spanned six years. During that time, Robert was instrumental in all aspects of the cross media development of the property, including script development, production budget (including full storyboards and special effects budget), motion platform / site based entertainment, them park attractions and a toy line with Hasbro Toys that spanned five divisions.

Robert's intimate experience with the studio development process challenged him to create a property development model that better served both the artist and the production company. Having worked with internationally recognized faery artist Brian Froud and contributed to the creation of Brian's international best seller, LADY COTTINGTON'S PRESSED FAIRY BOOK, Robert saw exceptional potential in the cross media potential of the artist's work. He created an innovative business plan and subsequent agreement for LGO to exclusively represent Brian for three years in his publishing, licensing and entertainment concerns. To handle all publishing and licensing agreements, Robert attached The Beanstalk Group, the premiere independent licensing company in the US, with whom he had worked on DINOTOPIA.

This financially successful agreement produced international publishing success for three books: QUENTIN COTTINGTON'S STRANGE STAINS AND MYSTERIOUS SMELLS, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S FAERIE TALE and GOOD FAERIES / BAD FAERIES, the best selling sequel to the international best seller, FAERIES. Robert was active in all aspects of the development and production of the artist's work including overseeing all publishing agreements, book development, production and marketing, including curating the largest exhibition of Brian's work in the US, to promote the release of GOOD FAERIES/BAD FAERIES.

During his term at LGO, Robert continued to explore his concurrent interest in education and served as Vice President of EDUCATION FIRST!, a non-profit organization that used the resources of the entertainment industry to address the crisis in American education. EDUCATION FIRST! was active in placing over 300 hours of education themed programming on the four networks during EDUCATION FIRST! WEEK for three years. In 1992, Robert was an Executive Producer for EDUCATION FIRST! on "Back To School '92", a two hour Special for CBS. The organization was also active in Adopt –a –School programs in Los

Angeles. Working directly with the Chancellor and President of California State University, EDUCATION FIRST! was instrumental in brokering the donation of a $6.2 million site in South Central Los Angeles to the California State University Foundation for the Accelerated School, the first charter public school in South Central Los Angeles. The Accelerated School has achieved three times the average test scores of neighborhood schools and three times the scores of District schools and in 2004 opened a state of the art K-12 learning academy. In 2001, the Accelerated School was recently recognized as TIME magazine's "Elementary School of the Year". Robert continues to be instrumental in the evolution of the School, serving on the Board of Advisors. Robert is also instrumental in the creation and implementation of the nationally recognized and highly successful national yoga in schools program, Yoga Ed, founded by Tara Lynda Guber.

In 1999 Robert formed Imaginosis, a media arts company that works with visual artists and writers to collaboratively create and strategically develop entertainment intellectual properties that have broad, transmedia applications while maintaining the integrity, quality, depth of imagination, vision, philosophy, locale, characters and paraphernalia unique to the property and the creator's original vision. In 2005, Robert formed Imaginosis Publishing, a division of Imaginosis.

Through Imaginosis, Robert now serves as manager, producer, strategist, and creative consultant to many artists and companies in the development of intellectual properties. Drawing from his deep experience in the media arts, literature, philosophy and mythology, Robert has worked with major entertainment companies in film, television, publishing, licensing and live theater including: Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Columbia TriStar Television, The Jim Henson Company, The Creature Shop, Pacific Data Images, Sony Imageworks, Sony Animation, Entertainment Design Workshop, Cyan, N-Wave Pictures, Olio Design, Hasbro Toys, Sideshow Toy, Simon & Schuster, Bantam Books, Berkley Books, Warner Books, Byron Priess Visual Publications, Pavilion Books, Chyrysalis Books, Harry N. Abrams, Turner Publishing and Lionheart Books, Headline Entertainment, Hot Topic, Import Images, C&D Visionary Inc. Treefree Greetings, Stella Bella Licensing and Daniel Flannery Productions.

Robert is the producer with Emilio and Kelly Miller-Lopez of The Faerieworlds Festival, a musical and theatrical event created in 2002 inspired by the World of Froud. Robert speaks on fantasy, myth, media and the role of the artist in culture at various film and culture conventions and education institutions the US.


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